John Longwell Sullivan

In addition to many pages of signatures of Grand Masters of California, a page was set for Presidents of the United States who belonged to the Fraturnity.The following signatures can be found in the Sullivan’s bible:

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the White House 1935, Holland Lodge #8, New York

Born in Illinois, May 7, 1848, the Sullivan’s traveled in a covered wagon to California in 1854. In 1875, after marriage, John moved to Grangeville community in Tulare County which later became part of Kings County.


Initiated and passed in Columbia Lodge No. 28, he was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on September 9, 1869. In 1879, John withdrew his affiliation from Visalia Lodge No. 128 and became a Charter Member of Welcome Lodge No. 255 in Lemoore where he held various offices including the Master of the lodge in 1883.


In 1895 he became member of Hanford Lodge No. 279 until he passed away on January 20, 1940 at the age of 91. He served as the Hanford Lodge Tiler from 1916 until 1949, a period of twenty-three years.


As well as being prominent in Masonic circles, he also has a part in early settlement of this locality and belonged to the hardy group of pioneers who laid the foundation for the continued progress and development of the community.


His Memory was firmly fixed in the annals of Hanford Lodge when on January 10, 1930, to commemorate his 61st year of Masonry, he presented to Hanford Lodge a large Holy Bible. A King James Version printed by the Cambridge University Press. It has bound in the back, some fifty blank pages for records and it was John’s wish that the signatures of each outgoing presiding officers of all the Hanford Masonic bodies be recorded therein, as well as the signatures of all visiting Grand Masters and other high Masonic Dignitaries.

Harry S. Truman, 33, Past Grand Master, Independence, MO. Grandview Lodge #618, Grandview, MO.

Gerald R. Ford, 33, Malta Lodge Grand Rapids, Michigan Feb. 28, 1980, Signed at the Fresno Hilton Hotel, Fresno California